Ecigarettes broadly fall into two categories.

The first you are probably familiar with "cig-a-likes", as advertised in magazines, sold at retail outlets and even some motorway service stations. These devices are often rechargable, and are branded with some "luxurious" sounding name. They are built and designed to look like a real cigarette. Do they work as a real cigarette? Often, the answer is no.

Although at first they appear to be ok.... however, because they are limiting the size of the battery to something which looks like a traditional cigarette, you are also limiting the battery life. And because the eliquid delivery mechanism (called a cartomizer, and loosely resembles a filter) is of a certain size, their capacity is limited.

A good experience would be one battery charge lasting the average smoker aorund 3 to 4 hours, and one cartomizer lasting about a day, or the equivalent of 20 cigarettes We choose NOT to stock these devices.

User testing has proven that although they do function to reduce cravings, they are seldom a viable alternative to the determined smoker. The batteries dont last long enough, the cartomizers will often run dry during the day with no warning, and pretty soon the smoker will be going back to the traditional cigarettes. This should not be an option!

EcigNET sells a different device. Our devices dont pretend to resemble cigarettes, so we arent limited to a certain size or shape. We dont pretend they are cigarettes either. We prefer to call them "personal vapourizers", or PV.

A personal vapourizer has an easily replaceable battery, with long lasting capacity. A 900mah ego battery will last approx 5 times longer than the cig-a-like battery. This is truly an all-day battery.

The top part is a clearomizer. This is a small container, often clear, so you can visibly see the level of your juice. You now KNOW if you may perhaps run out during the day, and can easily top up. This means your favourite juice is always ready and waiting for you, no surprises. The capacity is more than enough to go for a day or two between refills.

Coupled with our advanced battery life, the items we sell at EcigNET truly outperform the cig-a-like in every aspect. This is the e-cigarette revolution, this is the device that can truly work as a cigarette substitute. It doesnt look like a cigarette, and shouldnt need to. It is a device for vapourizing eliquid, something which it excels at. It is about the size of a large pen, so easily pocketable.

The clearomizers (the part which holds the liquid) are available in our shop for a reasonable price. This item will require replacing occasionally...perhaps once every two weeks. It's purpose is to turn the eliquid into enjoyable vapour, and it does this by heating the liquid, and eventually the heating element may become clogged up after repeated uses. We estimate that your should replace your clearomizer after about 30ml-50ml of eliquid has been used.


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