Our batteries come with a 5 click function.

This enables you to activate or deactivate your battery at any time i.e should you wish to put it in your pocket or bag.

As a safety measure Ecignet ships all our batteries deactivated. To activate it simply press the button 5 times.

Battery Safety

Charge rechargeable batteries with the instructions and correct charging equipment supplied by Never charge a battery on a flammable surface. Never leave a charging battery unattended

Store batteries in a cool, dry place at normal room temperature.

Remove batteries from devices that will be stored unused for extended periods.

Please dispose of batteries according to the local laws and regulations.

Contact Ecignet Customer Support if you have questions about your battery.

Batteries may present a risk of fire, explosion, or chemical burn if mistreated.

Do not disassemble, puncture, modify, drop,  or cause unnecessary shocks to batteries.

Do not dispose of batteries in a fire or incinerator, or leave batteries in hot places such as a car in direct sunlight.

Do not store batteries near an oven, or other heat source.

Do not place batteries into a microwave oven, or into any other high-pressure container.

Do not immerse batteries in water or otherwise get them wet.

Do not short circuit batteries.

Do not use batteries, or charge rechargeable batteries, that appear to be leaking, discoloured, rusty, deformed; emit an odour; or seem otherwise abnormal.

Do not touch leaking batteries directly. Do not reverse the polarity (positive and negative terminals) of batteries.

Do not give batteries to young children, or store batteries where children may access them.

Do not put batteries in mouth.


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