Electronic Cigarette Jargon


Atty - Electronic component that turns the e-liquid into vapour

Cartomiser/Carto/Clearomizer - The top part of a two piece electronic cigarette which contains the e-liquid.

Cartridge or Cart - The part of a three piece electronic cigarette which contains the e-liquid.

Vapour - the substance produced when using an electronic cigarette. it has a similar look and sensation to cigarette smoke when inhaled.

Vaping - The term used when inhaling vapour from an electronic cigarette. Used as an alternative term to 'smoking'.

Drip Tip - An attachment used to make it easier to drip e-liquid directly onto the atomiser.Mod - Modified electronic cigarette.

Throat Hit - the strong feeling in the back of the throat when smoking.

E-Liquid / E-Juice - A flavoured or unflavoured liquid for use in an electronic cigarette, usually containing nicotine.

PG - Propylene Glycol

PEG - Propylethylene Glycol

VG - Vegetable Glycerin


mg - milligram ( used as measure of nicotine per ml of e-liquid)

mAh - milliamp hour (often used as a measure of battery capacity/duration)


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