Loyalty Points

Qualifying purchases on EcigNET will accumulate Loyalty Points in your account. The Loyalty Points total for any order are shown in the order details, and are allocated to your account once payment has been made.

You can track your Loyalty Points in your account panel. Log in, click on your name, and select "My Loyalty Points" near the bottom

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You will see a list of your past orders, as well as a points tally. To use your points, they need to be transformed into a voucher discount code. Voucher discount codes are applied at checkout to reduce the total of your basket.

Turning points into vouchers: Click on the text "Transform my points into a voucher of..."

Note: Not all points can be used immediately. Points are awarded once an item is marked as "shipped". This is when you receive an email from EcigNET indicating the item has shipped. Points can then be transformed into vouchers, but importantly, the voucher will only be valid from two weeks after your purchase date.

If you are transforming multiple points from multiple purchases, the voucher will only be valid from two weeks AFTER the date of the last purchase. 

Vouchers will be shown with a status "To use" if they havent been used yet, and "used" if you have already applied the voucher to a basket purchase. Please pay attention to the "valid from" and "valid to" dates, as this will let you know when the voucher can be used.





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