Filling your E Cigarette is not as hard as it may seem!  Follow these easy instructions if your kit contains a CE4 or CE5 clearomizer and you will be on your way to vaping in no time!

Unscrew the black mouth piece on the clearomizer. CE4 clearomiser with drip tip removed










Take one of your favorite e liquid flavours and carefully fill the clearomizer tank. On the side of the clearomizer you will see fill lines starting at 0.2ml up to 1.6ml. We at Ecignet recommend you fill your tank no higher than the 1.6 ml and no less than 0.4ml.   Also take notice of the small hole in the middle of the tank. Please avoid dripping liquid directly into that tiny hole as it can clog the clearomizer.

Filling your CE4 claromizer with e liquid


 Gently place the mouth piece back into the tank and turn clockwise until it's finger tight.

Take your clearomizer and screw it onto your ego-c or ego-t battery. Push the button situated in the middle of the battery and inhale as if it’s a real cigarette. When you’re finished inhaling release the button and Voila! You have a HUGE vapor with mouth watering flavoring with (or without) that Nicotine rush that we are all chasing!

If you hear a bubbling or gurling noise after you filled your clearomizer or the vapour seems too low it could be one of 2 things:
1. Liquid was dropped in the middle hole of the tank
2. The tank has been over filled to 2.0 ml

To resolve:

1) Unscrew the clearomizer from the battery

2) Get a tissue, and hold it over the bottom of the clearomizer

3) Gently and consistently blow through the top/mouthpiece of the clearomizer. Excess eliquid will be forced through the clearomizer and will accumulate on the tissue.

4) Once it no longer makes a bubbling or gurgling noise when blown through, screw back onto the battery and enjoy

If your kit contains a DCT Cartomizer please follow these instructions:

Attach the DCT to your battery. Remove the drip tip and set it aside.

Slowly drip liquid into the metal tube while holding it at an angle let the white filler material absorb the liquid and avoid excessive (some is inevitable) dripping into the center hole of the the carto (this will just run right down and out the center hole of the carto at the battery end.) 

15 drops is typical *this step is VERY important. Many novice vapers miss this and wind up immediately burning the "unprimed" dry wicking material--then complain about burnt taste. 

NEVER use a carto that has not been thoroughly wetted or "primed".

Slide the tank up and away from the threaded end of the cartomizer until there is about 1/2 inch of space between the top of the cartomizer and the top metal ring of the tank.

Hold the unit at a 45-degree angle and drip the liquid into the tank, aiming between the top of the cartomizer and the plastic or metal ring of the tank.

Fill the tank about halfway to start. You can fill it more when you're more comfortable filling the DCT.

When you've finished filling, push the tank back down all the way onto the atomizer. 

The metal ring of the tank should be holding the top of the cartomizer.

The base ring of the tank is notched to accommodate the fully seated carto in correct position.

Replace the drip tip and take about 8-10 long, strong drags without holding down the button.

This will load more  liquid from the tank into the carto. You should see bubbles coming from the holes on the sides of the cartomizer near the bottom.

It is not unusual for there to be some leakage down and into the top of the battery through the carto--this will minimize as you get the hang of vaping it.Hold down the button (you will mostlikely hear a crackling, sputtering sound from within it --THIS IS GOOD) and take a puff.     


Now please enjoy your new e cigarette and make sure you tell everyone where you got it!! If you have any problems PLEASE feel free to contact us at


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